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> Via Ferrata in Passy

Via Ferrata in Passy

You are climbing  a 600ft high cliff completely geared up with metal rungs. You are tied to a security cable that runs from tip to top in addition to a rope with which your guide belays you. You’ll cross wobbly cable, tree trunk bridges… It is the most secured alpine activity and a magic way to reach breathtaking heights. 

This course is designed for non experienced people. The actual physical effort equals a mouNtain walk of about the same duration (2h30). Most of the climb happens on an 80° wall with some comfortable ledges and seldom vertical sections. The arm effort is the same as climbing on a ladder.

The toughest is in your head… While the first third allows us to quickly reach back the ground by abseilling, the only exit then is the top…

Minimum age is 12/13, but the most relevant criteria is a minimum 5 foot height and most of all a personal will (and not only parents or friends) to take part to the trip.

Location : It’s here !


Price : 56€ / pers.

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