Mont Blanc / Chamonix


The subscriber booking on behalf of other participants certifies that each participant, or legal representant for minors, is aware of the contents of the following liability waiver and that each of them individually accepts them.


OXO canyoning guides and instructors are covered by a professional civil liability insurance.

This insurance efficiently covers for medical care, hospital costs, search expanses, repatriation expanses and compensations for the risks, the professional is responsible for.

It is strongly recommended to the client to be covered for harm caused or suffered by him(her) during events or accidents that are not part of the guide or instructor's liability, during the activity.


- Activities offered by OXO canyoning are outdoors sport adventures. Each participant is aware to be moving onto slippery and steep grounds and acknowledgeds the random, changing and hard to foresee character of our practice range and of the weather conditions.

- Participants have access on website and through OXO's booking service to all details of the activity they are engaging in. They must thoroughly seek for information and not under-estimate their own or their children's physical or psychological capacities.

- During the security briefing and the instruction delivery, participants must pay close attention and only engage if they have clearly understood the guide or instructor's instructions.

- OXO canyoning declines any responsability in case of loss or deterioration of client's belongings during the activity, such as photo or video cameras, smartphones, prescription or sun glasses, contact lenses...


In order to take part to the sport activities offered by OXO canyoning :

To practice canyoning, participants must :

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