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A solid and enthusiastic team to share an intense experience in the nature.

OXO is a team of dedicated and enthusiastic canyoning instructors. We’re are fueled by the will to experience an intense life in the nature and to share our emotions : transmitting our enthusiasm and our knowledge, being reassuring to help you overcome your fears is the daily path we try hard to take to share with you an intense and unforgettable experience. 

At the planning’s steering wheel, Koko is there to answer all your questions and set up our expeditions to the finest details. Their patient listening and long experience in the job is a great asset for your outing organisation. 

Born in 2005, OXO Canyoning is now the specialist of canyoning in Chamonix valley. Sylvain Langris, since then, invests all his energy into the OXO adventure. In the 1980’s, Yannick Seigneur was a pioneering canyoneer in the valley. As an alpine climber and guide, he achieved many prestigious expeditions around the world and organized the very first canyoning descents in Chamonix valley. 

OXO has taken up the torch. Since then, many things have changed…  remains the flame !


Made in Haute Savoie (with strict mountain cheese diet) / The biggest biceps in the valley / One once said he was seen angry (hard to beleive).


Official dealer of calm and happiness in Chamonix valley / Ex goatee European champion / has problems keeping locked in a house


Eternal curious / Loves meeting, learning, transmitting / Climbs rocks, anywhere, anyhow, whenever / Hobby : physics researcher in Saclay University


Enough talking ! In pictures, THIS is the OXO spirit : 


“What we do” tells you all about canyoning and our vision of it  : lots of fun, great action and big water !

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